The Best Way to Get Plants

We think getting great plants for your yard should be more awesome.

"Big box" stores are convenient, but mostly sell small-sized, less than premium plants... and their staff aren't usually experienced gardeners. Some local garden centers are great, but guessing what you're going to buy in advance is a tough business!  So most have limited stock at prices that might well scare you off from buying what you really need.  And, while the convenience of online shopping has improved our lives in many ways, live plants don't like to travel in boxes!

Plantiferate's landscape delivery service solves the problem of getting great plants without it taking lots of time and money. 

We love plants, and are here to help you make your yard awesome and keep it awesome.  We give you access to over 1000 types of pro-quality Chicago-friendly plants ready to make your yard look great at a modest price.  We have experts on call to answer your questions and help you make the right choices for your yard.  And we bring plants to you (Chicagoland delivery only) without boxes.

Since we want the new members of your family to do well long-term, so we'll give you a free customized care calendar to keep you and your new plants happy.