About Plantiferate

The landscaping industry has been around for over 2000 years -- The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the ancient wonders of the world! -- but still only a small minority of people on this planet can afford great yards.

We at Plantiferate are trying to do something about that.

We provide landscaping improvements however you want them -- by the sip, from the firehose, or a la carte: allowing you to break apart the design, plant acquisition, installation and maintenance processes, and put them together however it works for you.  Have our pro-quality plants delivered to your door at reasonable prices.  Or work with one of our talented designers for just a few hours.  Or let us take you through the whole process.

We'll always give you more than you asked for.  If you work with us, we'll give you a free care calendar -- the instruction manual for your yard that you never got! -- customized to the plants in your yard to tell you when to plant, fertilize, mulch, water, prune, dead-head, etc. to keep both you and your plants happy and looking good.

Unlike a lot of others, we want you to get what you need, not what will provide us with residual income.  We're 100% focused on helping you make your yard awesome and keep it awesome.  We believe that if we do that, you'll want to share us with enough friends to keep us busy playing in the dirt for the forseeable future!